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Go Impact Central Asia

Go Impact Central Asia


Come and travel along 3 ancient silk road cities for 10 days with local university students. This will offer the students an immersive English experience while also getting to travel in their own country. To you it will give the opportunity to explore a part of the world that has been largely closed off to the West until about 6 years ago, offering a unique opportunity to learn about an unreached people group while also getting to be what is probably the first gospel exposure to the students there!

While exploring ancient religious sites, you’ll see pilgrimage sites named after Old Testament characters you know and love, offering great opportunities for open doors to spiritual conversations! Enjoy getting to know the students a little deeper as you explore with them each day, sharing meals, hearing their stories, and telling your own. 


1-3 weeks trip
Evangelism & Church Planting
Central Asian Peoples (AG400)
University Students

Additional Info

Departs: May 21, 2023
Returns: Jun 21, 2023

Price: $850
Deposit: $100

Note: Applicants must apply for this event in groups of 5 to 15

Cultural: Because this is a Muslim country we ask that you dress modestly. While tourists often wear whatever they want, it is important with our intention in mind that we don’t build any unnecessary walls. Shoulders should be covered, no cleavage or crop shirts. Men and women should not wear shorts. Men should pack thin pants that will be cook. Women can wear cropped pants just above the ankle but t-shirt dresses with leggings, dresses and skirts are often a lot cooler(bring spanks, it’s hot and you want something to catch the sweat before it runs down your legs).

Our long-term personnel are clean shaven. Short termers do not have to be and beards are no longer illegal here. But you should be aware that beards are associated with religious devoutness and extremism. Be prepared to talk about this.

Tattoo’s are viewed negatively, people here for longer trips are encouraged to cover them. Because you’re here as tourists this isn’t necessary but you should once again be prepared to talk about this and to be stared at.

PDA is not an option if the group contains a couple. Young people here are starting to mix more socially, but when a young couple are out together it’s assumed that they’re doing it behind their parents backs. It’s almost exclusively seen as negative. Girls need to be careful about socializing with guys, especially local guys. Stick to larger mixed groups or to smaller groups of the same sex.

If you have a unibrow and want to let the puppy grow, they will love you forever.
Health Conditions: Extensive walking, Extreme heat

Health Considerations: Severe peanut allergies should be cautious of coming here, as well as people with celiac disease who have severe reactions from cross-contamination.

There is a lot of walking so you need to be able to walk far distances but it is mostly flat. Also, there can be extreme heat. Usually in the end of May and early June you won’t get above 100 but it can happen and while air conditioning exists many places are not airconditioned. But because it’s a dry heat, shade truly does wonders.

Healthcare is available but limited so if you have a condition that brings concern we can talk about it.
Funding Milestones:

Apr 17, 2023Balance due$850

APPLY BY MAR 1, 2023!