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Nehemiah Teams: Indonesia

Nehemiah Teams: Indonesia

These islands have limited or no Christian witness. They are close enough to a larger city to make it accessible, but still relatively untouched. The team will travel by motorcycle taxi and meet lots of friendly people. There are beautiful waterfalls, beaches, and jungles to explore, as well as the chance to share the gospel with those that have never heard, using a translator, as well as audio and written materials. Come make a difference in these beautiful places!

12 students needed

Field cost: $1968 plus round trip airfare, passport costs, immunizations, required travel insurance, etc.


FOR ALL TEAMS your first stop will be a joint orientation with other Nehemiah Teams, learning the skills you need to carry out your assignment. You will then travel to the field to spend your summer carrying out the task you’ve prepared for. At the end of the summer, travel back to a joint debrief, sharing all that God has done. It is expected that all teams members attend the complete orientation & debrief.