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Super Summer Staff

Start time 2022-06-23
Finished Time 2022-07-02

Staffers are the key to Super Summer! As a staffer, you’ll get to interact with students from across the state. Countless students will walk away from #ssar knowing they are loved because of the interaction they had with their small group staffer.


  • Love students
  • Actively pursue a lifestyle consistent with Biblical principles
  • Graduated high school 1 or more years ago, and younger than 26
  • Be actively involved in a local church


  • Apply! Fill out an online application. Tell us about yourself, your ministry involvement, school, employment, and life experiences.
  • Interview! We’ll assign you to a member of our Leadership Team who will give you a call or meet you in person to do an interview.
  • References! Each staffer is REQUIRED to supply two references. Your reference will fill out a confidential reference form online.
  • Background Check! All staffer applicants are screened by a background check process to protect all campers and give a peace of mind to parents.
  • What’s Next? You’ll hear from us after we’ve had a chance to review your application, interview, and references and make a determination about where you could potentially fit into our staff.
  • Don’t Forget! Tell your friends about Super Summer!

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