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Nehemiah Teams: Cyber Evangelism/Associational Interns

Start time 2022-06-02
Finished Time 2022-08-01
Address Alabama

From a “Command Center” in America, your team will share the gospel online with hundreds this summer! Partnering with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, different strategies will be developed to find those “searching for Jesus” among unreached peoples and places in the Philippines. You will also have time to reach out to refugees in a nearby city and work with local Baptist associations doing children & youth mission events.

Team of 10

Location: Mentone, Alabama

Field cost: $810 plus round trip travel, food & local transportation costs

FOR ALL TEAMS your first stop will be a joint orientation with other Nehemiah Teams, learning the skills you need to carry out your assignment. You will then travel to the field to spend your summer carrying out the task you’ve prepared for. At the end of the summer, travel back to a joint debrief, sharing all that God has done. It is expected that all teams members attend the complete orientation & debrief.