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Nehemiah Teams: Philippine Summer

Start time 2022-06-16
Finished Time 2022-08-08

Cross land & sea to share the Gospel on in villages where spiritual darkness abounds. The people have been led astray by the Enemies lies & it’s time they knew the truth of the Gospel & the Savior that came for them. In an area where the Gospel has been skewed & distorted and is now nearly unrecognizable, you will be sharing Truth with many who have never heard it told correctly. Work alongside local believers to share Biblical truth with people who have never owned a Bible or read it for themselves. With the goal of making disciples & the hopes of planting a church, you will be a part of a greater team effort to reach the lost by going into less-accessible areas via motorbike, boat & on foot.

Large group of students will be divided into smaller ministry teams and sent to various locations which may include: Dinagat Island, Siquijor Island, Butuan City & Dapitan City.

16 students needed

Field cost: $1175 plus round trip airfare, passport costs, immunizations, required travel insurance, etc.


FOR ALL TEAMS your first stop will be a joint orientation with other Nehemiah Teams, learning the skills you need to carry out your assignment. You will then travel to the field to spend your summer carrying out the task you’ve prepared for. At the end of the summer, travel back to a joint debrief, sharing all that God has done. It is expected that all teams members attend the complete orientation & debrief.